Prayer Path at St Michael’s

Walk virtually through our lovely new prayer path, designed to help people to slow down, and to experience a moment of peace in their daily lives.

  1. Inhale

Pause here for a moment and take notice of your surroundings – the breeze, the warmth, the ground beneath your feet.

Allow yourself to come into the presence of God in this special space. Set aside this time to be with God.

Holy God,
we give you thanks for the beauty of creation.
Meet with us here,
enliven and refresh us,
breathe your peace into our hearts and fill us with your love.
As we begin,
go before us.

2. Gather

Think of those things which you bring with you today. Burdens which weigh heavy, worn out feet, or joyful news.

Think of the people who represent these feelings and hold them before God now. What do you ask of God in this time?

Generous God,
we offer to you the cares of our hearts.
Rejoice with us,
mourn with us,
lament with us.
Hear our prayers for those we love.
As we journey on,
be with us.

3. Rest

If you can, stop here a while. Breathe in and out, becoming aware of God’s presence, surrounding you and within you.

Let your mind wander, and take a moment just to be. Know that you are loved.

God of comfort,
we offer you ourselves,
however we are.
Show us that we are treasured,
soothe and refresh us,
so that we may rejoice with all that you have made.
As we pause,
surround us.

4. Grow

In this space allow yourself to dream – what do you wish for, plan for, or hope for? Share those dreams with God.

How might your plans be nourished in the weeks and months to come? Where might God bear fruit in your life?

Nurturing God,
help us to knit our dreams with yours.
Inspire us to reach out,
and bring your love to the world around us.
As we hope and plan,
root us in you.

5. Exhale

As you come to the end of this prayer path, reflect on the time you’ve spent here, however short.

As you breathe in and out, imagine breathing God’s love into your life and the lives of those around you. What might God be calling you to next?

Spend as much time as you like in our lovely garden!

Loving God,
we thank you for this time today.
Fill our lives with you love,
ground us in your ways,
so that your spirit may blossom in our lives and our world.
As we go,
stay with us.

These clay tablets were beautifully designed and made by Louise Crookenden-Johnson ( The words are all by me, Alice Watson. Please get in touch if you would like to use them yourself.

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